ArticleOpenCart API system

API system appeared in OpenCart since OpenCart 2.0. It gives you ability to get access to OpenCart data programmatically.

ArticleWhich version of OpenCart use for a new store?

Which version of OpenCart is actual now? Which version of OpenCart should you use for a new project?
Several months ago I wrote similar article. In it I advised to use OpenCart for a new projects.

ArticleHow to install ionCube?

ionCube is used by many OpenCart modules. If module needs ionCube but ionCube is not installed on your hosting then this module won't work.
How to check is ionCube installed on your hosting I wrote before. Usually ionCube is installed on 99% hostings. But if you are not lucky, you checked and discovered that ionCube is not installed on your hosting then this article is for you. In this article I'll give you information how to install ionCube on your hosting.

ArticleChanges in OpenCart

Yesterday OpenCart has been released.
This is an alfa version, it released for developers and it is strongly not recommended to use it on the working shop.
It has plenty changes and I decided to write entire article about it.
So, what is new in OpenCart a1?

ArticleComparison OpenCart page cache modules

In this article I will compare 3 OpenCart page cache modules. 

ArticleHow to get all emails from the text with one command?

I got an interesting problem today: there is a big text, in this text there many emails, need to get unique emails from this text, sort them and put in the file. It turned out that it is possible to do with one command. Here it is. 


ArticleWhat version of OpenCart you have to use for a new store?

I often get this question: "What version of OpenCart is the best for the new store? Is it the latest one?" I'll write a few words about it.

ArticleOpenCart Event system. Part 3 of 3 - the list of the existing Events

I already wrote about Events, what is OpenCart Event system, how to handle Events and how to add a new Event handler in the module. In this part of article I will give a list of the existing OpenCart Events.

ArticleOpenCart Event system. Part 2 of 3 - adding a new handler.

What is OpenCart Event system and how to handle an Event I wrote in the first part of this article. In this part I will write how to add new Event in the modules.

ArticleOpenCart Event system. Part 1 of 3 - Event handling.

As I already wrote before, the most interesting innovation of the OpenCart 2.0 is the Event system. So what is the Event system? 


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