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How to install ionCube?

ionCube is used by many OpenCart modules. If module needs ionCube but ionCube is not installed on your hosting then this module won't work.
How to check is ionCube installed on your hosting I wrote before. Usually ionCube is installed on 99% hostings. But if you are not lucky, you checked and discovered that ionCube is not installed on your hosting then this article is for you. In this article I'll give you information how to install ionCube on your hosting.

What is ionCube?

ionCube is a php library. It means that you need to have full access to your server to install ionCube. You have this access if you have dedicated server or VPS. But you haven't full access if you have shared hosting which is ussed by probably 90% of the OpenCart websites. So if you have shared hosting you can't install ionCube by yourself.


How to install ionCube on shared hosting

As I wrote before you can't do it by yourself. To do it you need:
  1. Login into your hosting admin area and look for the settings that enable ionCube for your hosting. Some hostings give you ability to enable ionCube and even select version of ionCube Loader in the hosting admin area.
  2. If you couldn't find any settings for ionCube you can find hosting documentation pages and look for information about ionCube. Most of the hostings have such page in which you can find instructions how to install ionCube on this hosting.
  3. If you didn't find any documentation page then you you shold contact with your hosting provider and ask him to install ionCube for you. After that your hoster will install inCube for you or will send you instructions how to install it.  

What version of ionCube should you use?

Today actual version of ionCube is 5, version 4.7 is obsolete, so if you are installing ionCube you should install ionCube Loader of version 5. Modules that used ionCube 4.7 will work on the 5 version, but modules what needed 5 version won't work on 4.x version.

If you have dedicated server or VPS

In that case you have full access to your server and you can install ionCube by yourself. You should do:
  1. Look for documentation on your hosting about installing ionCube. Some hostings provide it. In the documentation you will find instruction for your Linux distributive how to install ionCube. The installation can differ for different Linux distribution. 
  2. If you can't find documentation on your hosting then you shoud download latest ionCube Loader and installer from the ionCube official website and follow the instuctions.
  3. If you have some troubles with installing ionCube on your server your should contact with your hosting provider.


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