Display different prices for different customer groups 2.0

This OpenCart module allows you to display a block with prices for different groups of customers. 
The module works both with OpenCart special prices and with discounts set through the module "Group Price - different prices for groups of customers" 
This is advantageous, for example, if there are several groups of customers, with discounts for each group, to encourage the buyer to buy more and move to another group. Or to encourage the customer to register on the site, as he will see that there is a discount for a group of customers for registered users. And so on. 

Group Price

With this module you can change all the prices on your website in one click! The module will help you to change prices for each customer group, category and manufacturer. It can change price "on the fly" without changing the price in the database and it can change the price in the database.
The price will change everywhere on the site for every module and page which use the OpenCart API for getting products.