Which version of OpenCart use for a new store?

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Which version of OpenCart is actual now? Which version of OpenCart should you use for a new project?
Several months ago I wrote similar article. In it I advised to use OpenCart for a new projects. 

Has something changed?

Yes. Several monthes ago OpenCart 2 had just released and it was quite raw and it had only few modules. But today situation has changed.
OpenCart has grown, many bugs have fixed, many modules have released their versions for OpenCart 2. I've done it too. Practically all my OpenCart modules have now versions for OpenCart 2.
Yes, modules for OpenCart 1.5 are more than for OpenCart 2. But all popular modules have versions for OpenCart 2. Developers hasn't released probably only not very popular modules which they don't want to spend their time to create versions for OpenCart 2
Another great argument in favor of OpenCart 2 is fact that OpenCart 2 is a new version. So what sense to open new store and use for it obsolete engine? If you will do it then after a year or a year and half you should to upgrade all your store to a new version of OpenCart. But it is not easy especially if you have a big store with thousands of products, dozens of modules, not standard theme, changed OpenCart core etc. But if you use OpenCart 2 for a new store then you will have new and modern engine for several years. All you need is update it for new versions when they will released. But it is not difficult to update for example from OpenCart to
That is why if I will create a new store now I will use OpenCart 2 for it.

Which version of OpenCart 2 to use?

Today 06.02. 16 actual version of OpenCart is Version 2.2 is in alfa and it is not intended for a real store. I've written about OpenCart 2.2 before.


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