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Sorry for my English! English is not my native language. One of the reasons to create this blog is to improve my English writing. So I will be highly obliged if you will help me with this. If you find a grammar error on this page, please select it with your mouse and press Ctrl+Enter.

I work as a WEB developer almost 15 years. I know PHP, mysql, javascript, Ajax, jquery, xml etc. I worked with CMF Drupal more then 2 years, I worked with PHP framework CodeIgniter, I am working with OpenCart now. 
Contact me if you need a professional contractor!
I can help you with:
1. Everything that is connected with OpenCart:
  • create  new OpenCart modules
  • install, setting OpenCart, modules, vQmod
  • improve existing stores and modules
  • administer OpenCart
  • fix various bugs
  • OpenCart optimization
2. Drupal
  • create websites
  • consulting
  • improve existing Drupal sites
3. Everything that is connected with programming.
I cannot help you with:
  • SEO
  • design, Photoshop
  • teaching
You can contact me by:

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