First post!

Sorry for my English! English is not my native language. One of the reasons to create this blog is to improve my English writing. So I will be highly obliged if you will help me with this. If you find a grammar error on this page, please select it with your mouse and press Ctrl+Enter.

Hi everyone! 
This is my first post in this blog. 
Why did I decide to create this blog? For several reasons:
  1. I want to share my knowledge with somebody.
  2. To improve my English - I am a Ukrainian and my English is not very good so I decided that the best way to improve it is create English blog and regular write posts in English. I need your help for this. Yes, your help, my reader! If you see some grammar mistake in the text, please, let me know! I will be very appreciate for it! Really.
  3. To create answers for frequent questions. Clients always ask the same questions like "why I need to give you FTP access to my site?" or "Can I contact with you by phone?" and so on. Instead of answering every time the same questions I can write a post and just give the link to it.
  4. To find  clients, customers for myopencart modules, partners and friends. 
What do I plan to write here? Generally about programming and all that is connected with it: programming languages, frameworks, git, Linux, CMS, OpenCart, Drupal etc. I think the best way to desribe theme of this blog is show the tags cloud page.  
If you have any question for me or about OpenCart - contact me.

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