Support Terms and License Validity

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In this article: terms of support, license and support duration, which sites are supported

Free support includes:

  • Consultations (answers to questions) before purchasing the module. If you have any questions about the module - it's better to ask them BEFORE buying.
  • Consultations (answers to questions) on installing the module.
  • Advice on setting up the module.
  • Consultations on the technical side of the module
  • Sometimes help in solving simple conflicts (depends on the complexity and specifics of the conflict, if I have information on how to solve this conflict, because some of the buyers already had a similar problem - I will always share it)

Free support does not include:

  • Fixing all sorts of conflicts with other third-party modules or a non-standard theme.
  • Installing the module on the customer's server.
  • Installing a module on an OpenCart version or assembly that is not specified in the module description.
  • Free modification of the functionality of the module. In the module, all the functionality declared in the description should work, but no more.

All the above items that are not included in free support can be done for an additional fee, provided that I currently have time for this. Read the terms of service here.

Duration of license and free support

The duration of the license, and therefore free support and module updates, is 365 days.
I do not set any restrictions on the module operation time on my modules, if you bought a module, then it can work for you for a year or two or three or five or ten or even more, but if you need free support or updates on this module after years since purchase, then you need to renew the license.

Which sites (domains) are covered by the license and support

The license and support applies to the domain for which the key was issued upon purchase.


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