How to install vQmod

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How to install vQmod on your OpenCart?
0. If you have OpenCart you don't need to do this because vQmod has already installed on it (more exactly it called OCMOD in 2.0).
1. Download last version of vQmod here.  You need to download version with "opencart" NOT "stand-alone"
2. Extract the archive and copy all files in the your OpenCart root directory. You should get this file structure:
Root directory of your site
3. Give write access permission to the files:
- index.php
- admin/index.php
And to the directories:
- vqmod
- vqmod/logs
- vqmod/cache
4. Open this link in your browser: http://your_site/vqmod/install
If you have done everything well you should see the message:
That is all.

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