Filter Category Search [FREE]

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What is Filter Category Search Free

Filter Category Search allow your customers to filter search results by specific category. 
It will help your customers to find what they need more quickly.

Important! this is free version of module it has low priority support
If you want good support and more features please take a look at the 
commercial version of this module. 


✔ filter search results by category
✔ easy to install 
✔ works with any opencart themes
✔ module does not overwrite any of your opencart files and doesn't use vQmod.
✔ module code complies with OpenCart coding standards
✔ fully compatible with module 
Search Relevance (sorts search results by relevance and uses morphology (stemming))

Admin settings:

✔ position: Content Top, Content Bottom, Column Left, Column Right
✔ status (Enabled, Disabled)
✔ sort order 


• OpenCart 1.5.4.x-1.5.6.x 

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