How to check if you have IonCube installed on your hosting

Sorry for my English! English is not my native language. One of the reasons to create this blog is to improve my English writing. So I will be highly obliged if you will help me with this. If you find a grammar error on this page, please select it with your mouse and press Ctrl+Enter.

Some of my modules use the IonCube library, so they need it to work. It is installed on 99% of hostings. How to check if IonCube is installed on your hosting and if its version is correct?

For this you need:

  1. download this file
  2. unpack it
  3. rewrite the sv2109_system_test.php file to your hosting
  4. run this file on the hosting - open the page http://your_site/sv2109_system_test.php in the browser

And it's all. You will see a table with data on the version of php and IonCube Loader installed on your hosting.

If some parameter does not fit - be sure to consult with me, otherwise you can buy a module, but it will not work for you.

If you don't have ionCube installed, read the article "How to install ionCube".


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