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What is BOOST? 

BOOST is the best OpenCart page cache extension that significantly speeds up page generation time up to 1000 times and even more! 
It also reduces the load on the server, improves website ranking and increases sales conversion. 


✔ Increase your sales. Several studies show that, the more your site is slow, the more customers want to leave and not return. This is directly related!  
✔ Improve your SEO. Since 2010 the position in search results of Google and other search engines takes into account loading time of pages. This means that if your site is slow, Google may place your page to lower positions and let the first ones to the fastest sites that may be your competitors.
✔ Save on your hosting. Cache decreases consumptions of CPU, RAM and database connections so you can choose a lower pack or you can decrease resources allocation in your hosting provider.


How module works:

When a user visiting a website page for the first time, OpenCart generate and deliver this page to the visitor and automatically save a copy of it to the cache. Each time when user request arrives, the OpenCart does not generate a page, but returns the copy of the page from cache.
What if you don't need to cache all the page and you want to keep some elements on this page original and not cached? In that case BOOST provides ability to load modules and blocks by AJAX. You can load cart block, wellcome block or some module dynamically by AJAX.


✔ cache exactly what you want and no more
✔ works with not empty cart
✔ works with registered users
✔ doesn't use database for cached pages
✔ provides ability to load modules and blocks by AJAX
✔ support filters (Filter PRO, OCFilter etc.)
✔ provides alot of settings:

  • cache type: file cache, memcache, APC 
  • compress cache
  • show info block
  • enable cache for the customres role
  • enable cache for the pages 
  • disable cache for the GET, POST, SESSION, COOKIE variables


• OpenCart 1.5.x, OpenCart 2.0 - after request (sv2109@gmail.com


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