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Attribute Select

What is Attribute Select?

Attribute Select provides the fastest way to add attribute value for your attributes.
You don't need to write every time every attribute value. You should do it once. After that you can select this attribute value from the select dialog. It will save a lot of your time and will make all your attribute values the same. It is important when you use a filter based on the attribute values.

Better use with the Attribute Category extension. It provides the fastest way to add attributes to your products.

Attribute Category + Attribute Select


✔ easy to install 
✔ vQmod. The module does not overwrite any of your opencart files.
✔ fully compatible with the module Attribute Category
✔ guaranteed support!


• OpenCart 1.5.4.x-1.5.6.x (if you have another version of OpenCart and need this module - please email me at sv2109[at]gmail.com)
• vQmod

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