Name Title Module
Alteya How did I live without this module? Thank you for the excellent module and for the excellent support. Search Relevance
Akifievaa I glad to see this module in the admin area :)
yanpetr Hello, excellent module. Image Search
multiplexx Everything works well, I can add images for my products. Image Search
Rustem Thank you! Very good thing. I have been looking for it for the whole day. I very like settings in the admin area and SKU search. Search Suggestion
seoadd Thank you very much! First, it didn't work, but then I remembered about settings, changed them and everything work now like a watch. Image Search
perplexor The module is good. Thank you. Search Suggestion
netfox I bought this module, installed it. Everything works excellent. Thank you! Search Relevance
alexpst Dear sv2109, I've recently got the module Search Relevance. The module is easy to install and works great. I've tested it very well and haven't found any problem. The module works well. Search Relevance
freelancer Cool module. Where is the demo? Search Suggestion
markimax Great module, I wanted to do it by myself because the default search is terrible. Search Relevance
s0chi I installed the module. It didn't work because of the conflict with my theme. Author answered immediately, fixed the problem and everything works well now.
Gromozybra I bought this extension. On the whole it works well. Image Search
vikingshop Here it is, the normal search :) Search Relevance
NikolayK The module is very good. I've changed it a little for my theme. Search Suggestion


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